AWS 201 Technical Workshop, Taipei


自2006年以來,Amazon Web Services已經為全世界超過190個國家的不同規模的企業,提供了基於雲計算技術的網絡服務平台。透過AWS的服務,這些企業能夠更輕易地獲得強大的運算能力,更多的存儲空間以及其他網絡服務資源,從而構建了強大的IT架構以滿足不斷變化的商務需求。

本課程專門為對AWS 的S3、EC2、RDS等服務有一定程度了解的學員所設計。我們將會針對EC2、Route 53、AWS Security、Advanced RDS、IAM有深入的探討。不管您是希望學習新技術的程式開發者或是希望了解如何解決現有IT問題的解決方案架構師,又或是想要了解Cost-effective、on-demand 雲端模式的IT領域工作者,本課程將是您最好的選擇!


  • 系統管理者、解決方案架構師、IT領域工作者、程式開發商或是任何對於技術有興趣的人員,本課程將對EC2、RDS、Cloud Formation and IAM等服務有深入的教學。
  • 課程事前準備:
    • 請先準備一個 AWS的帳號,並能夠使用 S3 、Cloudfront、EC2、RDS等服務。或是透過此連結: http://aws.amazon.com/free/,申請新的AWS帳號,享受AWS Free Tier資源。
    • 請自行攜帶筆電 ,且搭載下列其中一項作業系統(Linux、Mac OS、Windows)與瀏覽器(Firefox8.x以上、Safari 4.x以上IE7.x 以上)且具備連網能力(WiFi)。
    • 您需要具備基本的AWS知識,以享受到此次課程的最大效益!
下午2:00至2:30 - 到達及登記
下午2:30至3:00 - EC2 Command Line Tools
下午3:00至3:20 - Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)
下午3:20至3:40 - S3 and CloudFront
下午3:40至4:00 - Route53 and DNS
下午4:00至4:30 - Security on AWS
下午4:30至5:00 - Advanced EC2, ELB and Auto Scaling
下午5:00至5:30 - Advanced EBS
下午5:30至6:00 - Advanced RDS
下午6:00 - 結束

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has provided companies of all sizes across 190 countries with an infrastructure web services platform in the cloud since 2006. With AWS, companies can provision compute power, storage, and other services – gaining easy access to a comprehensive suite of robust IT infrastructure services as business demands them.

This technical workshop is a hands-on session designed for AWS users who have a good understanding of S3, EC2 and RDS. This session will offer a deep-dive of EC2 features, Route53, Security on AWS, Advanced RDS, CloudFormation and IAM. Whether you are a developer eager to learn new skills, a solutions architect who wants to solve existing technology problems, the IT professional who wants access to cost-effective, on-demand computing resources, this workshop is for you.

Why you should attend:
Learning advanced techniques might require a long practice, and sometimes you cannot afford to wait. This session will speed up your learning process and give you instant skills that you can use to implement your IT on Amazon Web Services. It will give you the opportunity to get your AWS technical questions addressed by our technical expert.

Who should attend:
  • Systems Administrators, Solutions Architects, IT Professionals, Developers and anyone who has a technical competency and interest to a deep dive hands-on session on AWS key services: EC2, RDS, Cloud Formation and IAM.
  • Workshop Pre-Requisites:
    • Have an active AWS account for the following services: Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS, otherwise sign up for a free account at http://aws.amazon.com/free and https://aws.amazon.com/rds/free-trial/ prior to the workshop.
    • Bring your own laptop. Laptop needs to be running on Linux/MacOS/Windows, is installed with any of the following browsers: Firefox 8.X and later, Safari 4.X and later, Internet Explorer 7.X, and is WiFi enabled.
    • You should have at least some basic experience with AWS, otherwise you won't be able to fully benefit from this workshop.
2:00pm to 2:30pm - Arrival & Registration
2:30pm to 3:00pm - EC2 Command Line Tools
3:00pm to 3:20pm - Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)
3:20pm to 3:40pm - S3 and CloudFront
3:40pm to 4:00pm - Route53 and DNS
4:00pm to 4:30pm - Security on AWS
4:30pm to 5:00pm - Advanced EC2, ELB and Auto Scaling
5:00pm to 5:30pm - Advanced EBS
5:30pm to 6:00pm - Advanced RDS
6.00pm - Event Ends
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Tue Dec 11, 2012
2:00 PM - 6:00 PM CST
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